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By making a donation to Living LFS, you will help us realize our mission to encourage, empower, and educate those living with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome by connecting them with care, resources, and others who are Living LFS.  Our priorities:

  •   Offer travel scholarships for Living LFS community members to attend LFS conferences. These events are important opportunities to learn about Li-Fraumeni Syndrome while networking with members of the LFS community, including doctors, researchers, advocates, and friends living with LFS.
  •   Increase awareness of Li-Fraumeni Syndrome by making critical connections with the medical community and patients.  One of our goals is to create Regional Living LFS Ambassadors that will build local relationships with hospitals, genetic counselors, oncologists, and LLFS community members.  We will also continue to educate and increase awareness with our Living LFS You Tube Channel.
For as little as $20, you can become a Friend of Living LFS…… join today!  A HUGE thank you to donors listed below for helping us meet our goal!


Linda & Doug Zercoe, Ami Gignac


Lon & Linda Humpert, Bonita Kline in tribute to Thomas, Christopher & Alexander Kline, George Hernandez


Trish Shelly-Stephens, Amanda Hill, Greg Harper, John & DeAnn Mooney, Len & Laurie Quadracci, Trinity Wheeler in tribute to Phillip Mallory, Tom Connolly, Jim Waddell, Hillary Jacobs, Peter Bliem, Jen Mallory in memory of John Connolly, Alison Coon in memory of D’Ana Reed, June Peters, Sarvesh Nagpal, Roberta Connolly in tribute to Team Mallory, Dennie Shelly, Dan Stephens


Rob & Leesa Noonan, Don ConnollyJen Mallory in memory of Bob Connolly, Shalaundra Reed in memory of D’Ana Reed, Sharon & Dan Loomis in honor of Sue Frary, Kavita Parikh, Brenda Courtney, Alexis Rice


Lisa Mitchell, Allison Moos, Maureen Gelches, Patrick Moscatiello, Jane Crow in memory of D’Ana Reed, Caroline Malett, Adriana Avila-Lopez, Susan Frary, Andrea & Patrick Taylor in memory of D’Ana Reed, Tailyn Singleton in honor of Ursula Singleton, Tina Staehr in honor of Mike, Josh & Schuyler Peterson, Ria & Juhi Meheshwary in memory of Pavani Durbhakula, Row Arrandale, Ruth Castellanos, Roy Robertson, Jennifer House, Mandi Almeida, Rowena Arrandale, Elizabeth & Jim Williams,